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Share your experiences in a cuban house family in Matanzas City (Package 1 night & 2 days)

1st day trying SCUBA in a pool

9:00am Lesson & pool training

Afternoon City Tour

2nd day SCUBA Adventures

9:00am Enjoy 2 dive in the sea

Afternoon Free

During your stay you can savor real cuban meals, cofee and tropical juices (home made food included). City Tour includes Visit To Bellamar Cave.

The approach will be friendly and it should evidence the aspects coordinated to the security of the plunger besides the knowledge and respect of the atmosphere, without impeding the amusement of the participants.

Prices : 195.00 cuc per Diver // Companion : 45.00 cuc // Companion Snorkeling : 55.00 cuc // Extra night per room : 30.00 cuc Book now

Discover diving in 1/2 day

(lesson, one dive and snack)

80.00 cuc Details

Discover diving plus Tour 1

(lunch included, one dive)

130.00 cuc Details

Discover diving plus Tour 2

(lunch included, one dive)

140.00 cuc Details

OPEN WATER DIVER Course 390.00 cuc

**Plus Accommodation and meals** 635.00 cuc Details

Double Dive in 1/2 day

(Snack included)

80.00 cuc Details

Double Dive (Sea plus Cavern)

(all day, lunch included)

150.00 cuc Details

One Dive plus Tour 2

(all day, lunch included)

130.00 cuc Details

Triple Dive Adventure

(all day, lunch included)

145.00 cuc Details

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Help kids & Nature.

As a part of the quest for cleaner and more beautiful environment our club is teaming up with Cuban Government and PURE NATURE PROJECT to raise awareness and engage the youth with related art projects and cleanup dives. Cuban kids under 10 years old get subsidized lessons.

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Explore The Culture

Not only you will have smaller groups and safer dive experience, everyone at ScubAzul will make every effort to share their proud heritage and history while showing you the genuine Cuban hospitality.

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